Kayumanis Resto

Kayumanis Resto

Vegetarian Menu



Deep fried vegetable spring roll served with sweet sour sauce

Rp 60.000


Deep frying marinated bean cake served with sweet chili sauce

Rp 60.000

TAHU GEJROT (gluten free)

Fried tofu serve with sweet ginger and kafir lime juice dressing

Rp 55.000


Fried marinated tofu with vegetable in side serve with sweet sour sauce

Rp 55.000

All prices are subject to 21% government tax and service charge.

Main course


Vegetarian fried rice with mushroom, bean sprout, serve with tofu bean cake and crackers

Rp 90.000

KARE SAYURAN (gluten free)

Vegetable Indonesian curry serves with rice

Rp 90.000

GADO-GADO (gluten free)

Blanched vegetable, soy bean cake, egg, tofu, crackers boil potato with peanut sauce

Rp 99.000

All prices are subject to 21% government tax and service charge.

Kayumanis Signature

Bebek Panggang Mekudus

traditional grill smoky duck serves with minced chicken skewer, clear chicken soup, Indonesian vegetables, followed by purple sweet potato with palm sugar and grated coconut

Paket Ikan Bakar Jimbaran

grilled marinated snapper served with clam, water spinach, sambal and rice

Cendol Ngangenin

cendol, kue lumpur, kolak pisang served with coconut ice cream

Melodi Kemangi

home made healthy drink perfect combination of kemangi leaf with lychee juice, sweet sour juice and a lot of good benefits as natural antibiotic